Etnographic Opein Air Museum in Riga

The Open Air Museum, known by locals as “Brīvdabas Muzejs” dates back from 1920ies when it was first established. The museum holds around 118 old buildings from all regions of Latvia.

Historical farm houses and craftsmen buildings from Latvians, Livi people and Russian Old-Believers show the cultural heritage of this region. Museum has well preserved examples of wooden architecture dating back to 17th century, as well as early 20th century homestead farms built after the agrarian reform. Check the gallery here to have a glimpse of what is to see there.

Museum is open daily. Buildings and territory during the Summer month is open from 10am to 5pm, Winter season only the main buildings are open. Best way to get there is Bus Nr.1 or Tram Nr.6. More info on the official webpage – or for actual info check Museums facebook page –