Riga Christmas Markets, Year 2013

Where are Christmas Markets in Riga?

Christmas Market Gates
Gates of Esplanade Park Christmas Market, Riga – 2013

Snow is already in Riga, already first week of December – Christmas soon in Riga. Historians are still arguing whether First Christmas Tree was decorated in Riga or in that other City in far North. We are here to show the locations for Christmas Markets – yes, there is not just one Christmas Market this year, but at least three of them.

Central DistrictEsplanāde Park – next to Nativity Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

Eplanāde Park was created on the location of the old Esplanade Grounds of the Riga fortifications, which nowadays are dismantled to give room for wide boulevards and great architecture. In-between the Cathedral, Rainis monument and RIGA2014 info-center there is a nice small Christmas Market with shops, attractions, and a herd of rabbits.

Old TownLīvu Laukums(Livi Square) in the Middle of Old Riga and Dome Square next to Dome Church.

Līvu laukums is typically busy during Summer time with outdoor cafes and beer gardens, but during winter it is converted into a nice Christmas Fair. Dome Square is a perfect location for Christmas Market – overlooked by the old Dome Church and The Old City Stock Exchange building, the market is right into the heart of the Old Town. If you are not so much into Christmas shopping – visit the Old Stock Exchange(Rīgas Birža) – it is now converted as Latvian Foreign Arts Museum.

For something different try JARMARKA – charity fair at Latvian Arts Academy also in the Central District. Click here to see JARMARKA photos from previous years.

JARMARKA Christmas Market exhibits works made buy Latvian Art Students, they say: buy the artworks now before they become well known and expensive. Who knows – maybe you get future Rozentāls – great Latvian painter from early 20th century –  for a bargain price.

Also Berga Bazārs will offer Christmas Markets every Saturday during December.

Bazārs means Market – Berga Bazārs was developed during late 19th century buy enthusiastic Latvian to provide high quality shopping and living spaces for the demanding clients of Riga. If not for Christmas Fairs – it is known for charity shop Otra Elpa, great restaurants, Birojnīca open office space, and favourite of us – Jāņasēta Map Shop.

In Pārdaugava(thats the district over the river Daugava) – the restored wooden architecture area Kalnciema Kvartāls will hold regular Christmas Market events. Markets will be held on 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th December, also on Sundays on 15th, 22nd, 29th December – open from 10AM to 6PM – more info here.

Kalnciema Kvartāls is a private initiative project to restore once prominent area of Riga. Located on the corner of Kalnciema iela and Melnsila iela, the district shows great variety of late 19th and early 20th century wooden architecture of Riga. Kalnciema Kvartāls regularly organises events, art exhibitions, concerts and parties.

Scroll down here to see some pictures from Esplanāde Christmas Market and Park area.

Christmas Market at Esplanade Park
Christmas Rabbits
Tasty Ginger Cakes
Preparing to warm up
First snow in Riga – always welcome
The Nativity Cathedral
Barclay De Tolly

We hope this was useful to you. Be sure to dress warm for those cold winter days, a bit of Riga Black Balsam with hot blackberry juice always helps ;). Have a great Holiday in Riga!