Riga 2014 – Cultural Capital of Europe

On the 17th of January Riga began its role as the Cultural capital of Europe 2014, Riga is making its mark with plenty of events and activities throughout the year.

The past weekend saw Riga come alive with fire shows, musical performances and cultural activities throughout the city. Including on the 18th a human book chain! You may ask ‘What on earth is a human book chain?’ And you would have all the right to do so! Well, Riga has built a new national library and to move a selection of the books from the old building to the new one a human chain was formed in minus degrees in order to get the books on the move! Below is a video report on the subject!

Within the Central market there was a number of events taking place. With music, song dance and street performance going on. Of course many of the Regular visitors to the market were rather taken back by what was going on as they went about daily life buying their food from one of Europe’s largest market spaces. Even a flash mob choir appeared in the fish pavilion… very strange!

There will be much on offer so if you are planning to visit Riga, this is the year to do so. Just remember that Riga is much more than Old City… There is so much out there to explore and enjoy. Hopefully we can help you to discover this great city. One last video to give you a taste of whats to come! Thanks and Enjoy

Keep an eye open for whats on throughout the coming months by visiting the website for Riga 2014 –  www.riga2014.org