White Night 2014

On the night from 6th to 7th September the European Capital of Culture Riga will be filled with late night activities during the annual White Night festival.

riga-view-from-top-04 Summer’s almost over, but these are not necessarily bad news since autumn in Riga is one of the most culturally dense periods, students and workers return from their vacations and so does the parties.

The White Night festival has become the autumn herald here in Riga, offering locals and visitors alike cultural performances of all sorts. Expect classical music in unusual places, street performers, independent cinema, vinyl DJs striking back and much more. Also this year the White Night will feature extra performances because of Riga being the European Capital of Culture.

Most of the events will happen in or around the Old Town, but for the more adventurous folk there’s possibility to leave comfort of central Riga and wander off to far out places like Daugavgrīva fortress or garden city Mežaparks.

Public transportation will be provided in the wee hours, so anyone can get back home safe and sound. For those also looking to do some exercise we suggest getting on your bike and enjoy a beautiful night ride, as a rule of thumb there are always plenty of people on their two-wheelers during late night events like this.

Official homepage: http://www.baltanakts.lv/2014/en/news

See you there!