Urban Soulz electronic music festival

On 26th September Riga is set to dance it’s socks off during a rave in the semi-abandoned Preses Nams building, organized by Urban Soulz collective and Totaldobže art centre.


Is rave still alive? We’re about to find out at the end of September when party-goers from all over town will gather at Preses Nams (Press House) in Ķīpsala island. The 1978 building that once used to be the biggest typography complex in Riga has now found a new life and houses Totaldobže art centre, although mostly remaining empty.

1000 m2 territory will be dedicated to electronic music from drum’n’bass to house and techno, with two stages featuring some interesting Baltic and Russian artists and the head-liner – “the best thing from Kazakhstan since Borat” – Command Strange. His catalogue consists of some big d’n’b tracks and impressive b2b DJ sets with legend DJ Marky and the likes.

It’s not often we get events like this here in Riga, but you can definitely feel the scene changing, so if true underground electronic music is your thing, you will be lucky enough to hear some in this unique location, big enough to find a quiet corner and catch up with the water bottle.

See you there!