Riga Flea Market Goes Latvian

Flea markets of the fashion variety are becoming more commonplace here in Riga, where back in the day you’d think about rusty pipes, 60 year old skis and tape recorders, not vintage clothing, when someone would mention a junk yard sale. And this November flea markets are returning in a new quality.

Flee market
Flea market

November is a special month here in Latvia, it marks the end of autumn and beginning of the long winter. Also Lāčplēša Day (remembrance day for Latvian soldiers) and Latvian Independence Day are celebrated in November and because of this Riga Flea Market has decided to go full on Latvian.

During 15th of November flea market visitors will have a great chance to hunt not only for old junk, but also catch up with the ever growing Latvian-made crafts industry. These days small companies producing things like belts, hats, bags, toys and more, sometimes decorated with traditional Latvian folklore ornaments, are a dime a dozen.

Finding the place of market – Spīķeri distric, is easy. Located between the Central Market Fish pavilion and Daugava River, it’s just a short walk away from Old Town. Flea market will be open from 11:00 to 15:00 so make sure to be there on time.

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