Nameja Ring

Take a look at making of Nameja Ring

The most well known Latvian Medieval jewellery design.

Nameja ring got it’s name from the Semigallian leader Namejs, although it’s been said that Namejs wasn’t even born when the first rings were made in 12th century. It wasn’t until 1920s when archaeologists found the rings,┬ámostly in ancient Latgalian lands, that again proves that Namejs couldn’t have any connection to the ring bearing his name. It was Aleksands Grins novel “Nameja Gredzens”, that between other historical inaccuracies also implied the Namejs affiliation with this legendary design.

The 3 twisted silver parts symbolise the unity of 3 ancient Latvian lands – Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale, that today make up the territory or Latvia. This story is the same as the one behind the 3 stars in Freedom Monument. Made mostly from silver, it’s a very long process to make it and back in 12th century it would have been a very expensive thing to own, and it is mainly because of this that Nameja ring is an extremely rare archaeologist’s find.

Today favoured mostly by men, it has become some sort of a sign of a Latvian connection, known only to Latvians and those close to this country.