Riga Radio and TV Tower area to become a tourist attraction

At 368 meters high

The Riga Radio and TV Tower is one of the tallest structures in the EU and already attracts travelers and locals alike. It seems that in the future the surrounding area may become recreational grounds.

Tv Tower Riga

The Riga Radio and TV is one of the most dominating features of Riga’s skyline and noticed by all who visit the city. Towering way above the skyscrapers, Church Towers and other towers and masts it stands as an example of Soviet design and engineering. Many visitors to Riga will see the tower but actually few ever visit it. This could be set to change in the near future.

Due to changes in Zakusala island (Rabbit island!) territorial zoning it will be possible to use the surrounding area to create a theme park style complex to attract more foreign tourists as well as Rigans themselves. Previously such ideasĀ couldn’t be realised because of the TV tower’s broadcasting that created electromagnetic conditions not suitable for residential or commercial use. Today, using different technologies this problem has been eliminated and we’re set to have yet another redeveloped territory.

It seems that some people have been using the TV tower for recreational purposes for some time already. Check out this crazy video of a base jumper decending from Riga TV tower.

Riga City Council has supported the idea to give almost 5 hectares of land for this project that should become a model of Latvia in scale 1:4000, with terrain, roads, rivers and cities, so those who don’t have enough time to visit all of the country have a chance to do it in under 1 hour.

Other plans include reconstruction of the view platform and the tower restaurant, constructing new exhibition halls, pedestrian tunnel, parking spaces and more improvements. In the recent years there have been some very ambitious projects for Zakusala island, none of which have been built, so let’s hope this one actually sees the daylight.