2015 in Riga – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all and greetings from the E.a.t. Riga team.

This year is set to bring some new surprises and activities for you all visiting Riga as well as some further reaching changes within Latvian society and the Baltic region that will in our opinion affect life here as well as those further afield.

Our aim in 2015 is to launch our revamped website – Watch this space we expect a BETA version up within 2 weeks! We also have a few new creative tours for our lovely clients out there as well as a new listings section for where to eat and what to do in Riga.

But what is happening in the bigger picture?

Latvia takes over the Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2015! Big news you may think but I am not sure that many people are aware which country held the role last year or exactly what the role entails! Be sure to hear more from our small Baltic state and I am certain that the focus of the media will soon target the future issues on security of the Eastern member states. The Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics has been quoted as saying ‘he did not want Latvia’s presidency to be seen as anti-Russian, but that Europe’s current strategy based on stable and peaceful eastern borders was outdated.’ Lets see what joys this presidency brings! Here is a nice video someone has spent a load of money on to help us understand whats going on!

Our neighbour Lithuaina has gone EURO! Yes, that is right, our larger neighbour to the south has taken on the Euro currency making her the last of the Baltic nations to do so. How does this affect us here and for visitors to the Baltic’s? Well it means our economies have a much closer tie financially making it easier to set up cross Baltic partners. As for the public, freedom of movement and now freedom of the wallet! One currency does it all! Simple and convenient for a Baltic State visit across all 3 of the states. No longer will you be caught out trying to use Litas instead of Lats or Taxi drivers giving Estonian notes as change in Riga. These days are over!

Keep an eye out on our blog posts to find out whats on and whats new in Riga and her surroundings.