Latvian auto-follow drone AirDog wins at CES 2015

Latvian made drone AirDog that follows you anywhere using GPS tracking system has won the “Best Robot or Drone” category at the CES 2015 convention in Las Vegas.

The story of AirDog started last summer with a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign that resulted into more than 1.3 million USD from hundreds of backers that will start receiving their drones this year. After this very successful launch of AirDog that got the tech crowd talking, Latvian drone is making some waves at the CES 2015 convention.

This year the competition between drones has been the fiercest ever, but AirDog managed to stand out mainly because of it’s best and most innovative feature – it’s auto-follow mode. And we’re not talking Twitter followers here, it’s the sophisticated GPS tracking device that makes this drone follow whoever is wearing the band that gives the signal, making it suitable for filming action sports and other activities that otherwise wouldn’t be possible or would be incredibly expensive.

AirDog can develop speed up to 45 miles per hour and be used 10-20 minutes at one go, depending on it’s use: hover time, altitude and other factors. Drone’s precision is based on it predicting movements of the person wearing the Airleash wristband that contains built in sensors and gyroscope. One thing that inventors are still trying to improve is the drone’s ability to detect obstacles like trees and buildings, something no one has done so far.

Compatible with the GoPro and Sony cameras, has it’s own app for marking “no-go” areas and other features, drones like AirDog are set to become more and more common and accessible to the general public. Now it’s not only the pigeons you ought to look out for, but also Latvian drones.