Fat Pumpkin Vegetarian restaurant in Riga

Riga for Vegetarians

Being a vegetarian in Riga has always been a challenge, the city has only ever had a small number of dedicated vegetarian and vegan eateries. While many restaurants now offer at least one meat-free option, you can often find yourself choosing from mushroom risotto or…, wait, no that’s it, just mushroom risotto. Thus it is a pleasure to find a restaurant dedicated to serving creative, interesting vegetarian and vegan food in the heart of Riga.

Located at Grecinieku iela 30/25, just behind the House of the Blackheads, the newly-opened Fat Pumpkin restaurant is one of the few places in the city serving 100% vegan or vegetarian food, 6 days a week. Whether you drop by for a coffee and (vegan) cake, try the daily lunch menu or enjoy a full course dinner, you are sure to find something unique and deliciously tasty. My personal recommendation would be the vege-burger, with an actual burger patty in the bun, not just fried mushrooms or a solid lump of cheese!


For any non-meat eater looking for a good vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Riga,  look no further than the Fat Pumpkin. Good food, fair prices and the o-elusive-in-Riga friendly, attentive service with a smile.