Beer Fox – a brand new shop for craft beer in Riga

Beer Fox: The Craft Beer Specialist

The craft beer craze arrived in Riga a couple of years ago, bringing a huge improvement to the types of beers available in the city. Foreign craft beers became available at select locations and local micro-breweries sprung up, selling some quality alternatives to the long-standing lager heavy traditionals. It was, however, quite difficult to source these beers, you had to search around town, or buy them by the pint, rather than the bottle. A new arrival in Riga has changed that; the Beer Fox Craft Beer shop on Stabu iela sells a wide range of imported and local craft beers and is a blessing for any beer drinker who likes a little bit of flavour in their brew.


The craft beer craze originated in USA,  and fittingly the Beer Fox is run by an American import to Latvia. He’s a friendly guy with an excellent knowledge of all things beer, happy to have a conversation and make some recommendations. For a limited time you can also try a special collaboration between him and the local microbrewery Malduguns, a Pumpkin Ale.

Speaking of Malduguns, this is one of the few locations in the city where you can buy their range of beers by the bottle and it’s also the cheapest! We were also impressed by the range of beers from our neighbours in Estonia, 3 different breweries were represented that we hadn’t even heard of before. Plus there are beers from all over the world, Japanese espresso stouts, Danish IPAs and double IPAs, rye beers, herbal beers, and even a coffee, bacon and maple syrup flavoured beer (or maybe we just imagined that after a few bottles of the more potent stuff).

If you like beer, want to impress some friends, or get a tasty gift for a beer gourmand, then the Beer Fox is a good place to go. Good service good Latvian craft beer and a wide selection of foreign beers.