Concerts in Riga – March 2015

Riga might not strike as a popular destination for pop music concerts, but if you’re here during March, you might want to look out for these events.

On Friday the 6th Yann Tiersen is playing at the Palladium concert hall. Minimalist, avant-garde and multi instrumentalist are just a few words to describe this Breton musician from France, that occasionally gets compared to Philip Glass. His most famous work to date must be the soundtrack for movie Amelie and this will be his first visit to Riga. Tickets

Friday the 13th, for some a date to best not leave the house, for some Latvians – day to reserve for a night out at the main heavy rock/metal sanctuary know as … The Black Friday Club(Melna Piektdiena). And what a better date and place to celebrate Latvia’s top trash metal band’s 25th anniversary – the group known as Huskvarn will play in it’s original line-up and since this concert will be a part of their “good-bye” tour, you might have to wait another 25 years to see this happen again. A must-go for those eager to get a glimpse at Latvian metal music scene. Tickets

One of Slovenia’s best exports – the industrial avant-garde band(self described as “degenerate pop music”) Laibach is returning to Riga after 4 years to play at Melna Piektdiena Club. Founded in 1980, the group earned themselves a dissident status in the former state of Yugoslavia and even today stir up some controversy because of their live shows and the totalitarian-style aesthetics they use. Tickets

It’s no secret Latvians like to joke and also tend to be a little envious of their neighbours Estonians and for couple of years there’s another reason for the second – Ewert and Two Dragons have proven themselves as a successful indie band, playing in Baltics and beyond. Now they are returning to Riga, a city with one of their biggest fan base to give a concert to promote their new album “Circles” at the Palladium on 21st March. Tickets