Rumbula Massacre 1941

On November 30th and 8th December 1941 the Rumbula Massacre took place.

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In two separate days at the end of 1941, approximately 25,000 Jews were massacred during the Nazi occupation of Latvia. Collectively these are named the Rumbula massacre. This included mostly Latvian Jews as well as German Jews brought in by train.

The majority of the victims were taken from the Riga Ghetto towards the location of Rumbula. Here a small train station around 12km south of Riga is located. Not far from this location much of the killing took place in the woods. Today a memorial site is located at this point.

This was one of the largest mass killings that took place in the region during the Second World War and remains a horrifying reminder of what humans are capable of doing to one and another.

To discover more about what took place during the Nazi occupation in Latvia, The Jewish ghetto as well as Jewish Latvian culture you can visit the following museums.

Museum ‘ Jews in Latvia ‘  Established back in 1989 the museum documents the history of Latvia’ s Jewish community and is located in the old Jewish theater.

The Riga Ghetto Museum  Located close to the Ghetto area itself, tucked behind the Central Market just off Maskavas iela at the Spikeri warehouses.

Žanis Lipkes Memorial A tribute to a man and his assistants who helped to save Jews during the Nazi occupation.  Tucked away on Kipsala island.