Cafe Rocket Bean Roastery in Old Town

Best coffee in Riga.


Cafe Rocket Bean Roastery have opened cosy tiny embassy in Riga Old Town Kalēju street 21. It all started with the cafe at Miera street 29/31 which is outside of Old Town and it is still there – the headquarters of Rocket Bean Roastery. Miera street district is known as hipster neighborhood in Riga. Ten years ago it was all about Old Town,if locals wanted to go out they came to Old Town, now in Miera street there are small local bars and cafes, local design shops, festivals and venues are organized there.

Rocket Bean Roastery specialization is coffee. They roast coffee beens at the spot in Miera street. They roast arabica and speciality coffee beans only when they are ripe.  You will have chance to taste coffee prepared either with aeropress, hario V60, syphon or chemex. Different kinds of coffee beans are available to choose from. Also thous who like coffee with milk will enjoy the flavor. Rocket Bean Roastery likes to put a stress on local products, they bake cakes and sell local craft beer. Artūrs Taškāns is a chef there responsible for delicious lunch and dinner.

The other day when I visited the small Rocket Bean Roastery in Old Town Kristīne was preparing my coffee. She is very friendly and you can have nice chat with her about history of  coffee, methods how to prepare coffee and Riga in general. While I was there people kept on coming in to ask questions about directions, Riga and the place itself and Kristīne was very helpful to answer all of them.

Probably for coffee lovers ideal root how to explore city  would be have a morning coffee at the Rocket Bean Roastery in Old Town Kalēju street 21. Afterwards you can pass by our office which is nearby and rent a bike. And then explore a city and head to Miera street where you can have lunch or other cup of coffee at Rocket Bean Roastery at Miera street 29/31. And after that if you want to explore city more further you can go to Mežaparks. No worries if you prefer to walk it is lovely walk too.