Beaver attack in Latvia

Beavers have struck again, this time an innocent man strolling down the streets of Daugavpils, the second city of Latvia, was attacked during the night and first denied help as no-one believed his story.

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A calm beaver seen in Riga canal

If you think that a beaver attack is some sort of a joke, you wouldn’t be the first one, but think again. For the first time in 2016 a man has been assaulted by the notorious nocturnal, the dam-building, tree-eating, orange-teeth and awesome-tail having, forest flooding menace that is the Castor canadensis or more commonly known as the beaver.

Yes they might look cute and all, but one should know that beavers are generally scared of people and if you see one outside of water, we suggest you stay away. Young beavers are known to be aggressive in the spring months as they’re thrown out of their homes to go and found their own families and as rare as their attacks are, you still shouldn’t take your chances, but many a men are caught by surprise, especially in the late hours.

Day ago a man in Daugavpils, located in Latgale region, was bitten by the furry beast just casually walking down a street during the night. He didn’t even suspect the attack and realised it when it was too late and the beaver’s teeth were in his leg already. The animal let go but would attack again when the man would try to escape, effectively holding him hostage.

The man called the police, but they dismissed his claims and thought it’s a prank call, also considering it was late and they probably suspected the victim to be intoxicated, calling his friend resulted in the same outcome, but after a longer convincing he decided to rush to his friend and save the day(or night), only to be stopped by the police as he was speeding, they, having heard the crazy story, decided to go and check it out themselves. The beaver, feeling outnumbered fled the scene, and the police managed to call the ambulance, who now believed the call as it was made by the state police.

The victim was taken to the local hospital and was soon released with a mild shock and 15 stitches on his leg, not too bad considering there have been lethal outcomes and a former school mate of the Author of this post got 30 stitches after being attacked several years ago in a broad daylight. So no – beaver danger is no laughing matter but no-ones going to blame you if you can’t help yourselves. For the brave who want to see a real beaver here in Riga, we suggest one of our Night Tours or the Kayak Tour and it might just be your lucky day!