The tails of Riga’s trails at Riga Bike Week

Riga Bike Week 2016


Riga Bike Week is foundation which organize wonderful events for cyclists and some of them are so colorful that will be interesting for viewers too. Same as us Riga Bike Week believe bicycle is the best mean of transport in the city. Riga Bike Week will organize different events from April 30- May 7, there will be bike tours, parades, workshops, film screenings and more.

Bike weeks opening event is “Alfa” bike day and the Family ride on April 30. Family bike ride is 11 km long and will take around 1 hour. During the day different cycling activities will take place at the parking place of Trade Park “Alfa” from 11:00-16:00. Other events on April 30 are Velo Market at a yard of Ērenpreiss bike manufacture; Repair Cafe at Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs- instead of trowing out things repair them, this time them is bikes; Gandrs bike tale is orienteering adventure.

May 1 is a day when mass bike ride happens- Critical Mass, their slogan is “We aren’t blocking traffic, we are traffic!” .The idea of Critical Mass is to rise awareness that bikes are part of traffic and this mean of transportation is getting more and more popular. It will start from Dailes theater at 13:00. Similar events are happening all around the world.

Amazing bike tour is organized by our guides “Streets of Riga- the tails of Riga’s trails”. This tour focuses not on the sights, but on the streets themselves and the people after whom they were named. Not every street was named after such well-known figures as Barons or Valdemars, and our aim on this tour is to discover some of the lesser known characters that have given their names to Riga’s streets. The tour will take 2-3 hours and cover a wide area of the city as we search for small streets and hidden stories. Meeting place: Riga Explorers Club, Riharda Vāgnera street 14. Please apply in advance by sending email to: [email protected] Tour on May 2 at 18:00- 21:00 will be in English and on May 3 at 18:00- 21:00 in Latvian.

TRU FIX KRU Heavy Sprint Race on May 4 from 17:00-21:00 on AB Dam in Riga. Distance will be around 200 m and men and women will compete in different groups.

Last Riga Bike Week event is Tweed Run May 7 from 16:00-21:00. It is a parade which brings together beautiful crowd- classical bikes, people dressed in retro and vintage clothes, eccentric hairstyles and fashion. Very colorful parade.

More info at Riga Bike Week