Riga May 16 1934. Visual archive

Authoritative regime established in Latvia 1934. Visual archive.

Prime Minister Kārlis Ulmanis with the help of army organized revolution at night from May 15 to May 16 1934 and established his authoritative regime which lasted until soviet occupation in June 17 1940.

You can see morning of May 16 in Riga. There are soldiers in streets of Riga to maintain order in case anything happens. In the middle of the video president Kārlis Ulmanis exits the building and notices he is being filmed and mention it to soldier next to him. Even though political regime changed daily life in Riga continues. It is possible to see boulevards of Riga, trams, people in their daily routine, Riga Harbor and Central Market.

Video is from Latvia State Archive of Audiovisual Documents collection.