Riga Marathon 2016

Riga is running.

Riga Marathon started in 1980’s when popular was “Folk Song marathon” which at that time was seen as one of movements for Latvias independence. There participated 10 000 runners and it was happening in laps so everyone could run as much as they could or wanted to. At the finnish participants got symbolic wristband- part of latvian folk costume.
First Riga Marathon was organized by Municipality of Riga in 1991. Now it has name Lattelecom marathon as Lattelecom is main sponsor. Since 2007 Riga Marathon is AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) member and it is measured according to international standards. Before that each year rout was different. Riga Marathon was awarded with Road Race Bronze Label by Association of Athletics Federations in 2012 and it is the only Marathon who has this award in Northern Europe. There are special criteria to receive this award such as technical requirements to secure health and safety of participants, achieve high results, certain media and promotion requirements . 
Riga Marathon events are held from May 13- May 15. Riga Marathon EXPO is a place where to get number, meet other runners also elite runners and get tips from organizers. The Parade of Nations starts at 14:00 May 14 from Monument of Freedom, international participants will march in Riga Old Town, event to bring them together. Family Run starts on May 15 at 15:00. Distances in Riga Marathon are 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 6 km and starts for them are on May 15. There are organized training sessions every Sunday at 10am in Mežaparks.
Best results in Riga Marathon in men discipline-2.12:28 H.T. Bekuma from Ethiopia in 2015 and in women discipline- 2.36:50 T.T.Ayany also from Ethiopia in 2014.
Online registration for Riga Marathon till May 14.