Trafic rules in Riga in 1930’s. Visual archive

Cyclists can or can not in Riga 30’s. Visual archive.

In this video are interesting fragments from 1931 to 1938 in Latvia. From 16:07 minute in the video are explained rules of the road to improve traffic safety. It is nice to see busy streets of Riga, there are trams, cars, horse carts, fashionable pedestrians and bicycles. Bikes were significant part of traffic in 30s, after a while bikes were used only for leisure not daily commuting, now they are back in streets of Riga again and struggling in nonexistent bike infrastructure. Road safety was concern also in 30s and in the video there are some important things to consider and remember.

In this video are explained what cyclists can do or can not (translation of rules in the video):

It is forbidden for cyclists to juggle.
It is forbidden to carry bundles in hands that affect freedom of movement.
Hands always have to be on bicycle wheel.
While riding it is not allowed to hold at other vehicles.
Also it is not allowed to ride directly behind the car.
It is not allowed to ride next to each other and have a discussion without paying attention to what is happening behind.
Cyclists have to ride on streets as close as possible to pavement.
When bikes are turning they have to show direction where they are going.
When turning left bike have to go the big not the small circle in intersection.

Be careful, protect your life and health!