Culture center Noass

Best view of Riga Old Town panorama.


Noass is contemporary culture center which is located on Ab dam surrounded by river Daugava with a view to beautiful Riga panorama- church towers of Riga Old Town and bridges across the river. Very beautiful at sunsets. Noass is located at two river boat platforms, “BETANOVUSS” and “NOASS” and “BETANOVUSS” is a floating stage with an amphitheatre where concerts, theaters and other performances happen. 

Noass has Floating Art Gallery where various exhibitions are held. At the moment there is Kristaps Epners’ solo exhibition “Gymnastics” open until Julay 24 2016. Exhibitions topic is movement of human body by professional gymnast.

Cafe is open daily from 11:00-19:00 except Mondays. During summer time open air concerts are held on the boat.