Guided tour in art exhibition

Miervaldis Polis exhibition at Latvian National Museum of Art.


There is guided tour every Saturday and Sunday on July at artist Miervaldis Polis retrospective show in Latvian National Museum of Art. Miervaldis Polis is painter, performance artist, card player, mushroom-picker/specialist, sculpture/ installation artist, founder and sole member of the EgoCenter Organization, amateur art theoretician. Miervaldis Polis born in 1948 and his carrier started in 70s when he was one of the firs photo realists in USSR. In 90’s when Latvia regained its independence he became “court artist” painting portraits of Latvian elite including presidents.

Museum was opened after renovations on May 4 2016 and there is permanent exhibition “Latvian Art 19th – 20th Century”. Museum is one of the most beautiful Historicism style building in Riga boulevards built in 1905, it is architectural monument of national importance. Miervalids Polis exhibition is held in new enlarged part of museum.

It is definitely worth visiting museum and guided tour will give more insight in art scene of Latvia, political and social background during artists career.

Tours in English at 11:30 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday on July.

Guided tour is free of charge but visitors have to pay regular admission to the show- 3,50 Euro for adults.

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