Riga Motor Museum opening

More than 100 retro cars.

Today on July 2 Riga Motor Museum is open for public after renovation. There are more than 100 retro cars in the museum, some are new in their collection and some are restored. Museum have new multimedia exhibition where viewers can learn more about cars and explore.

Museum consists of several exhibitions. The long road of the car- from creation of a wheal to origins of cars. Motorsports- world of motorsports. Origins of automotive industry- early production of cars in Europe and America. Cars of the 1920’s- cars are part of society and large factories open. Cars of 1930’s-1940’s- development and innovations. The Kremlin collection- USSR leaders cars are always expensive and unique. Soviet car industry- in USSR people could buy only domestic products but the waiting list was too long. Cult cars- that are symbols of their era. Manufacture of cars, motorcycles and bicycles in Latvia- at the beginning of 20 century Riga is part of Russian Empire and  it is important industrial capital. Trucks and special purpose vehicles- underrated vehicles.

Museum is open daily 10:00-18:00.

Address: S. Eizenšteina street 6.

Tickets: Adults 10.00 Euro, kids, students, seniors 5 Euros.