July 15-17 Positivus Music Festival

Positivus Festival celebrating 10th anniversary

July 15- 17 Positivus Music Festival takes place in Salacgriva. Positivus is the biggest pop music festival in Baltics and this year it celebrates 10th anniversary. There will perform M83, Iggy Pop, Years&Years, Hot Chip, John Newman, Air and many more including local artists. Also performances, cinema, vintage arts and crafts market, morning workout for thous just waking up or coming from concert.

Festival is located in beautiful town Salacgrīva by the Baltic Sea. Smaller stages are located in dunes or at the beach.It all creates great atmosphere in the festival. Festival is very popular among Estonians, even Tomass Hendriks Ilvess President of Estonia have visited it. It is getting more and more popular abroad as well, 4000 tickets were sold abroad.

There were 6500 visitors at very first Positivus Festvial back in 2006. Since then festival have been growing not only in number of visitors which now is around 30 000 people a day but also in line up and party goes on for 3 days now.

Enjoy summer, beach, music and positive atmosphere.

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