Sometimes it rains in Riga. Visual Archive


Rain in Riga. Visual Archive.

This beautiful video fragment about rain in Riga from archive is shared on video operators Reinis Traidās Youtube channel. This summer (summer 2016) started early and was unusually hot already at the end of May around +30 C. For the rest of summer there were few more heatwave days but apart from that temperatures are around +23 C. It have been raining daily for shorter or longer time for last two weeks. Heavy rain on June 22 manage to turn streets in the city into rivers and stop traffic for about an hour.

In this video fragment very nicely are explained such a natural thing as rain. Video could be made around 1970’s and voice in russian explains:
We are warning you, sometimes it is raining in Riga. To tell the truth not very often and not for very long time, sometimes it rains even all summer long, sometimes not even a raindrop. No matter what it is possible to hide and wait in one of Rigas cafes.And after that continue exploring Riga.

The same nowadays, if it rains hide in one of Rigas beautiful cafes.