Music festival on island

Piens Festival August 6-8 2016.

Legendary Rigas club “Piens” every year are celebrating summer by organizing colorful and sweet festival where gathers beautiful crowd. This summer it is from August 6-7 in Lucavsala. Lucavsala is one of islands in river Daugava near city center, easy access by bikes, public transport and also possible to walk there. Lucavsala is popular among Rigans for summer recreation- wake-park is there, SUP rental, kids playground, picnic places  and enthusiastic people can also swim.

Saturday August 6 concerts start at 17:30, bands from Latvia, Iceland, Russia, Israel will play and also there will be circus performances. Dj Isaac Ferry will conclude Saturdays party. Sundays (August 7) program starts with circus at 16:00 and after that bands from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, New Zealand, Great Britain will perform. This will not be the first Lithuanian singer songwriters Alina Orlova concerts in Latvia,all  previous were sold out very quickly. Local band Kuba have reunited after a while and will play at 23:30 be sure not to miss it.

There is no entrance fee in Piens Festival.