75 years since Rumbula massacre

November 30 commemorative day for killed Jews in Rumbula.

November 30 1941 is one of saddest days in history of Latvia. Riga Ghetto was established during German occupation years in World War II. It was located in Moscow district and there were forced to move all Jews of Riga. Rumbula forest is 10 km from the ghetto where shootings on November 30 and December 8 1941 took place. There were murdered about 25 000 Jews and buried in mass graves in Rumbula forest.

Now there is memorial in Rumbula.
At following museums you can find out more what happened during Nazi occupation years:

Ghetto Museum is located in Spīķeri in Moscow district near the area where Riga Ghetto used to be.

Museum ‘ Jews in Latvia ‘ museum documents the history of Latvia’ s Jewish community and is located in Riga central district.

Žanis Lipkes Memorial A tribute to a man and his assistants who helped to save Jews during the Nazi occupation. Located on Ķīpsala island.

It happened 75 years ago. It is important to remember and honor Jews killed in Rumbula. People will place candles in front of Freedom Monument on November 30 2016 from 18:00- 23:00 to honor victims and hope it will never repeat.