New year 2017 in Riga!

Where to celebrate New Year in Riga! 2017

Everyone is celebrating on New Year’s night, cafes, clubs, fancy balls are held and fireworks are happening at the quay. It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places in Riga but New Year’s Eve is exception you can have a glass of champagne and wish happy New Year to loved ones.

Unfortunately many of the places have info only in Latvian but hope you will manage to get idea which place to choose for amazing beginning of 2017.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks as traditional are happening in 11 November Embankment, there will be concerts and fireworks at midnight.

Piens Fest Alaska. legendary club Piens is organizing celebration with some cold breeze from Alaska. Celebration are held at previous zephyr factory “Uzvara” (Victory) at Sporta street 2. There will be lumberjack totems, polar bears, drinks in ice and ice in drinks. Live music by famous local pop band Instrumenti and dances, dances, dances. Don’t forget your suit. Tickets 15 € available here.

Life Jacket Under Your Seat from Instrumenti on Vimeo.

Noliktava No3, Andrejostas iela 4a. Fancy ball at industrial venue. Music, red carpet, seats at the tables, lottery and more. Tickets 25-50€.

Carnival “Animal Farm” at Nabaklab, Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica boulevard 12. Nabaklab is alternative students club. Entrance 5 € and 3€ if you have a mask.

Kaņepes Kultūras centrs, Skolas street 15. Hip bar and cultural center already second year organize party on eve of January 1. There will be sauna, music, movies, food, games, lazy dances, karaoke and many more. Entrance 10€. Dj will play on December 30 but no party here on Nev Years eve.

Carnival at Autentika, Bruņinieku street 2. With mask people loos their daily identity and act differently more freely, lots of fun and miracles can happen. There is info in English and possibility to check out music which will be played there. Entrance 10€ and discount possible if you come in mask or have birthday.

Golden New Years Ball at House of Blackheads. Fanciest party in town. There will perform opera singer Ilona Bagele, band Fichers, circus artists and amaze professional dancers. Back in a day there have been partying such celebrities like Russian czar Peter the Great, Catherine II, Prussian King Frederich William III with his beautiful wife. Hope you manage to stuck in your suitcase your evening gown and 200-250 € for ticket.