Brunch in Riga

Lazy weekend breakfast in Riga.

Here are some of the nicest brunch places in Riga. Good food and cozy atmosphere where to spend lazy Sundays and eat as mach as you want or can. Appreciated by locals too.


Brunch every Saturday and Sunday 11:00- 16:00, 12 € without drinks.
Place where art and food meets. Art is not only beautiful artwork, design objects and interiour you can find in Kolekcionārs but also delicious food.
City center, Blaumaņa iela 7


Gourmet brunch every Saturday and Sunday 11:00- 16:00, 14.99 € without drinks.
3 is one of the top contemporary restaurants in Riga offering food inspired by wild life, seasons and it is natural. 3 is not only the name and address of the restaurant but also it is third best restaurant in Latvia 2016.
Old Riga, Kalēju iela 3

Puncake brunch every Saturday and Sunday 11:00- 16:00, 9,50 € without drinks.
Various kinds of pancakes and delicious vegetarian extras: salads, spreads, veggie mixes, hummus, guacamole, creams and many more.

City center, Lāčplēša iela 10

Raw garden

Brunch on Sundays 11:00- 16:00, 12,5 € without drinks.
Raw garden is restaurant where to find vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose free dishes. It is healthy food without added sugar, salt or preservatives. They offer hot meals and raw food. Big variety of smoothies.

City center, Krišjāņa Barona iela 21


Waffles brunch on Saturdays 11:00- 16:00  and Sundays 11:00- 18:00, 7 € without drinks.
Mākonis means cloud in Latvian. All you can eat waffles with different sweat or savory flavors. It is a chance to be super relaxed as Sunday brunch is till 6pm. Excellent coffee, cocktails and beautiful interior design.
City center, Stabu 42

Innocent Cafe

Daily breakfast buffet
There is breakfast buffet not only on weekends but every day. On working days brunch is from 8:00- 13:00, 6,50€ and on weekends from 9:00- 17:00, 9,90€ without drinks. Probably the best coffee in Riga.
City center, Blaumaņa iela 34-2


Brunch every Saturday and Sunday 11:00- 17:00, 8 € without drinks.

Trendy restaurant in city center. Cozy atmosphere like in the kitchen at home. Austra is constantly exploring new flavors.

City center, Krišjāņa Barona iela 41/43

Exclusive brunch on Sundays 11:00- 16:00, 35 € with glass of champagne.
Bibliotēka is number two among top restaurants in Latvia in 2016. Fresh, tasty, beautiful.

City center, Tērbatas iela 2