Baltic Way

Baltic Chain.

One of the most remarkable and beautiful demonstrations in Baltic countries at the end of 1980’s to regain their independence. If you happen to meet local who have participated in this you will see how their eyes will sparkle and hear pride in their voices when they are talking about Baltic Way or Baltic Chain.  Baltic Way was peaceful political demonstration where participated 2 million people from all three Baltic countries- Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This demonstration was held on August 23 1989. Aim at that time was constituent republics of the Soviet Union.

Demonstration was held on 50 anniversary of Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany about division of influence areas in Eastern Europe. This pact was signed August 23 1939 and according it Latvia became part of Soviet influence area.

Baltic Way was live human chain which went from Estonian capital Tallinn, through Riga, capital of Latvia, to Vilnius which is capital of Lithuania. Length of this human chain was 675,5 kilometers.

At the video is beautiful raw footage filmed at border of Latvia and Lithuania. This demonstration was coordinated through radio. People gathered with flags of  Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia which were forbidden during all Soviet years. Also they are dressed up and have posters. Different generations- people who have experienced independent Latvia in 1920’s and 1930’s and thous who have heard only legends about it. Singing anthems and many other forbidden songs during Soviet years.

Kids Movie “Paradīze 89” (“Paradise 89”) will come out in 2018 as one of cultural events for 100 anniversary of Latvia. There are included scenes of Baltic Way too. To shoot this there were gathered many people some who participated there some who was not even born back then. For all it was great event of unity, memories and stories.