Riga Free Tour

Walking tours with Riga Free tour. Change is good. Evolution is natural. Prices do not always rise! 

Riga Free Tour has been a major success in terms of tourism in Riga. Created as a response to a dated approach to city tours, the Free tour concept has been accepted amongst visitors to the city of Riga.

Daily Riga Free walking tours have been running for a number of years now. The team at www.eatriga.lv has been supporting their efforts by developing routes, guiding techniques and training up young guides to provide a high level of service to visitors coming to Riga.

Our high standard of tour guides and unique approach to presenting Riga in a contemporary style was seen as a model example for Riga Free Tour to follow. Taking a fresh look at how history, legend, modern issues and opinion could be mixed into an excursion style. Covering many areas of interest whilst captivating an audience was Riga Free tours main goal. This is how we got involved in with the Riga Free Tour project.

Tourism is changing, tourists are changing. Free tours are a major factor in this change. They have allowed people of all economic backgrounds to participate in city tours, without the fear of breaking the bank.

The cost of private tours opposed to free tours.

With some private tours costing upwards of 50 euro per person in some cities, this really makes guided tours out of reach for many. Joining a larger group with no fixed fee means more people can learn about a city, enjoy and later promote that city when they return home.

We appreciate that private tours are still in high demand and to be honest we pride ourselves in our high-end, bespoke, private, themed tours. These are our main focus at www.eatriga.lv but we do see a bright future in Riga Free Tour.

The best way for you to see what we mean is to join one of the tours yourselves!
If you are on a budget and want to learn a lot in a short time, please check out www.rigafreetours.com they run daily 10:00 and 12:00 

A little bird tells me an Art Nouveau Free Tour is on the horizon in Riga too! Stay tuned.