About Us

All about E.A.T. Riga Tours and Events.

James, Arturs, Ansis, Agnese and Marcus make up the core of E.a.t. Riga Tours. We are all very different characters but share one thing in common; Our love for Riga.


E.a.t. Riga was set up after seeing that there was something missing within the tourism market in Riga. We decided to set up an alternative option for those who wanted to really discover the city. Starting with a daily city tour, the idea soon grew to incorporate bicycle tours, creative tours and all kinds of options for curious visitors. Since the early days, ideas have kept growing, more people have become involved and now we sometimes wonder if we have created a monster!

Our Concept:

The first idea was to create an alternative to the traditional walking tours in Riga. Later the idea came to make the tours more creative and aim at getting people out of the old town and into the more lived-in parts of Riga, using enthusiastic city guides to show Riga as it really is.

Our approach of providing each tour with a Riga city guide that is enthusiastic about the city, rather than someone simply doing a job, has proven to be one of the most important parts of our recipe. A well informed city guide, with local knowledge of Riga, is what makes our tours special. Of course, a good sense of humour comes with all our of our tours.

The future:

We want to keep developing our ideas, work closer with various partners, maintain a high standard of services, city tours and city guides, and try to get the general public more involved with the culture and history of Riga. If you want to become a Riga city guide, if you want to work with us or simply share your ideas, please just drop us an email.

We hope that we can continue to provide high quality, entertaining tours in Riga long into the future. Now we are even offering English language voice recordings and voice overs for all kinds of media – check some out HERE.