3rd Riga Craft Beer and Folklore Festival

Craft Beer Riga

The Latvian folk tradition of Metenis, similar to Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras, is a carnival to farewell the winter and celebrate the coming of a new year of bountiful harvests. Metenis was historically celebrated by huge feasts where people ate and drank as much as they desired. Therefore, it is quite apt that this has been chosen […] Read more…

Beer Fox – a brand new shop for craft beer in Riga

Beer Fox: The Craft Beer Specialist The craft beer craze arrived in Riga a couple of years ago, bringing a huge improvement to the types of beers available in the city. Foreign craft beers became available at select locations and local micro-breweries sprung up, selling some quality alternatives to the long-standing lager heavy traditionals. It […] Read more…

Fat Pumpkin Vegetarian restaurant in Riga

Riga for Vegetarians Being a vegetarian in Riga has always been a challenge, the city has only ever had a small number of dedicated vegetarian and vegan eateries. While many restaurants now offer at least one meat-free option, you can often find yourself choosing from mushroom risotto or…, wait, no that’s it, just mushroom risotto. Thus […] Read more…

Hotel Latvia in Riga

Riga’s Hotel Latvia, a distinctive shape in the city’s skyline for the last 40 years houses one of the four prestigious Radisson Blu Hotels in Riga. The skyline bar on the 26th floor is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations.

Riga Beavers: Menace or Icon?

Anybody who has been on one of our Riga Walking Tours will probably have heard of the city’s Beaver Epidemic. These cute furry little creatures have been living in the canal surrounding the Old Town, as well as other regions along the banks of the Daugava river, and getting their teeth into the trees in […] Read more…

Winter snow arrives in Riga

Winter has arrived in Riga this weekend, with heavy snowfalls painting the city a beautiful white. If you are coming to Riga, then dress for cold weather and icy streets, and get in touch with us for some ideas about what to do in Riga in winter.

Staro Riga 2013

It’s 4pm… it’s dark… it must be time for Riga to shine! Yes, once again the light festival known as Staro Riga will light up buildings a public spaces around the city, in an attempt to get people excited for the 5 months of limited light they are about to experience.

CYTEC charity team-building event bikes find new owners

A couple of months ago, Eat Riga organised a corporate event in Riga for CYTEC Industries. CYTEC employees built 15 wooden runner bikes; the bikes were locally made by Dip Dap. The bikes were then donated to the fantastic charity Palidzesim, who help disadvantaged or ill children. We have just received pictures of some happy recipients of […] Read more…

Otra Elpa opens their second second-hand charity store in Riga.

Otra Elpa Charity shop in Riga

Riga’s one and only charity shop, Otra Elpa, has just opened it’s second store in the city and the third in Latvia. Located at Stabu iela 35, the new store sells clothes, books, crockery and much more, and has a great little cafe downstairs serving coffee, tea and snacks.

What’s on in Riga the Week: 27th May – 2nd June

Rundale Palace Gardens

This week’s edition of  the Riga Explorers Club’s guide to the events, concerts and festivals in Riga, 27th of May – 2nd of June. Stop by the Explorers Club at R. Vāgnera iela 14 for more information, maps, bike rental, book swap and much more.