Bars in Riga

Our guide to Bars in Riga

We’ve listed some of our favourite bars in Riga; nice places to go for a quiet drink in the afternoon, for a couple before a night out spots to take in some live music or have a dance on any space that passes for a dancefloor. We’ve compiled a diverse mix of bars we like and recommend, places you’ll meet locals and not get ripped off. Be brave; taste the local Riga Black Balsam and try our guide to bars in Riga.


We’ve chosen a number of smaller, independent and alternative spots for you to try. For those of you who want to get away from the tourist heavy areas and discover the real city, these local bars will help you meet some friendly Latvians and explore¬†different areas of the city. We’ll try to keep this updated, as Riga’s nightlife scene changes constantly, let us know if you have some recommendations or notice some incorrect information. If you want to explore Riga’s nightlife with a friendly guide, then jump on one of our Beer and Black Balsam Excursions.