Riga Kayak Tour

Kayak in Riga’s waterways! See Beavers too!

Riga’s canals and the Daugava river offer the perfect location for an urban Kayaking adventure. If you feel like you’ve seen everything in Riga then this active sightseeing tour by kayak is a great option. You will be provided with all equipment, instruction and a guide for Kayak along Riga’s waterways.

What is included

  • Kayak guide & instructor
  • Kayaks and paddles
  • Safety vests
  • Dry-bags to keep your accessories safe
  • Optional transfer to kayaking location

The canal system in Riga was first built as a defensive feature beyond the cities walls and ramparts. By the end of the 1800’s the Riga’s defences had been pulled down and the canal was landscaped to fit into the grand parks that encircle Old Riga. Your kayaking tour will follow the canal around Old Riga and out onto the open river, allowing  you to see Riga in a way most never do, passing under bridges and looking at the city from the inside outwards. Relaxing, fun and a great experience.

If you are lucky you will also bump into some of Riga’s more secretive residents – the Beavers! Yes it is true, Riga has a beaver problem! They are friendly enough – just try not to hit them with your paddles!

A Kayaking Tour in Riga is a great activity for daytime and night time too. Ask us for more details. Prices vary depending on group sizes.

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