Burzuja Brokastis

The Bourgeois breakfast

A name like this suits the area – Riga’s finest – the Bergs Bazaar built by one of first Latvian multi-millionaires Krišjānis Bergs. The area has fancy wine stores, wedding parlours, a barbershop and a 5 star hotel, so calling your tiny cafe the bourgeois breakfast is actually just blending in. It’s really tiny, big enough to have around 10 people in and a bit more outside during the summer, feeling really cosy and homely.

These guys specialize in some of the finest things in life like coffee, freshly roasted here in Riga, made also with Aeropress or Kalita Wave, a wide selection of Latvian wines like rhubarb, raspberry, apple and more, these they will happily sell if you’re trying to take some home in your check in luggage. Cakes, cookies and other sweets for all tastes, but the best thing on offer is the Summer hit – ice cream. Made by Skrīveru Mājas Saldējums, it’s a home-made ice cream really hard to come by in Riga, as all of their produce is small batches. Feel free to experiment, our suggestion is the quark ice cream, go Latvian!


Address: Dzirnavu iela 84
Phone: +371 29343355
Website:Buržuja Brokastis
Mon – Sat: 10:00-20:00
Sun: 11:00-16:00


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