City Orientation Games

Discover Riga by foot, bike or public transport in a fun, challenging and enlightening adventure game

A City Orientation activity is a wonderful way to discover Riga in an active and entertaining way. Our exploration games can be adapted to any group size or time frame and can be self-guided or a guide can be provided. They are perfect for corporate events or educational study groups visiting the city. A fun, active and competitive game is perfect to provide a break from meetings and seminars.

Our Riga City Orientation game provides a series of points that each team must visit to photograph or find specific information. By following the clues and using their maps, groups will be shown around the city to many of the most impressive sights and buildings. This is a sightseeing tour with a challenge.

City hunts can be performed on foot, on bicycle or by using public transport. The last two options provide contestants to cover more ground, and see more of the city. We tailor each game to the needs and wishes of the client, so simply get in contact with us, and we can create the perfect Riga City Orientation game for your group.