Concerts in Riga

Riga is great for live concerts and events.

International groups come from all over to play in the large arenas and venues. Lucky for you,  a diverse range of live music plays all year round.

Riga is full of great concerts, from live Rock events to massive electronic parities, regular organ recitals to group choirs, famous composers to amazing dance groups, Riga is home to so many musical art forms of its own and welcomes artists from all over to perform here that no matter what time of year you are visiting, you will be sure to find a great concert to be part of.

Lets take for example the regular Organ concerts and Choir groups that play at the Dome Cathedral in Riga. These events you can find easy, current information from the main Tourist Info Center and the Cathedral itself. Below is an example of a concert in the Dome.

Bars and Clubs such as Naba Club or Depo offer live bands from all across Europe and spaces like The Dirty Deal Cafe offer you more in the way of alternative electronic music. In the past an organisation known as ‘Fuck For Friendship’ have also put on some great electronic parties. For such events the best advice is to ask locals upon arrival to see what is happening around the city.

Street performers in Riga also have much to offer, with a wide diversity of music from classical, local anthems and some rather odd performers such as the ‘Babushka Ska’ Group who appear most summers dressed as old ladies. These concerts in Riga are easily the most impressive and the great thing is you tip as much as you want too!

The best advice we can give you for up to date information about Big Concerts and Events in Riga is to do a little research before you come through who supply tickets for major events. For smaller local events you are most likely to be pleasantly surprised by the information supplied through the Tourist information center can offer you.

What ever you do in Riga. Enjoy yourselves and make the most of all of the great concerts that are on offer throughout the city. Keep an eye on our Blog for events that we are promoting.