Corporate Events

Looking to make a corporate event in Riga? Get in touch with us to make the most out of your visit to Riga. [slideshow]

If your company is making a corporate visit to Riga and you are looking for some great team building exercises or entertaining group activities, then E.A.T. Riga can provide a high standard of activities for groups of all sizes. We are able to work directly with other organisers, or act alone, to build you a perfect event or provide you with a great service.

Why choose Riga to conduct an Event? Apart from Riga being one of the most impressive cities in Europe, prices are much more competitive in Riga than most European cities and so are our activities. We understand that you will want to get the most out of a corporate event and we are certain that we are the right people to help you achieve this.

We provide Team Building activities and tasks, Food TastingBeer, Wine and Balsam Tasting ToursCooking Class ExperiencesPhotography Tours and many other activities.

We are open to all ideas. Unique, tailor made events are what we specialise in most. We cater from large to small group sizes and can also provide spaces for dining/refreshments as well as advising you on any questions you may have about your stay in Riga, including hotels, conference halls, transport etc.

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