Vintage Riga

Retro & Vintage Riga Tour

Discover Vintage Riga, second hand and retro shops

Vintage Riga. See the coolest districts, flea markets and boutiques. Antique stores with great finds and buys, Second hand shops and Vintage clothing stores that are full of old-school and hard to find clothing from the past century, Flea markets full of Soviet junk and plenty more besides.

What is included:

  • A fun and entertaining Vintage Riga guide.
  • Flexibility to create a route that fits you best.
  • 3 hour tour starting at a time that suits you.
  • Pick up from your accommodation (within Riga old town and central district)
  • This is a walking tour, appropriate foot ware is advised.

We know that there is so much of the same junk being produced in the world today, so why not reuse the past and be stylish at the same time. Riga has mountains of second hand, collectables, rarities and other vintage Riga gems waiting to be discovered.

Our tour is not only about rummaging through piles of old stuff, we will also show you Riga at the same time. Whether you are a serious buyer or a window shopper you will be equally surprised at what we can find in the amazing city. Riga is full of surprises and when you begin to dig deep enough you will be shocked at what is still available at amazing prices – join us and grab a bargain!

What kind of second hand can be found in Riga?

Interestingly enough, Riga has a wide selection of secondhand shops, vintage and retro stores, with from outside of Latvia to be found as well as local gems. This can make the city perfect for locating  objects from a wide platform, so don’t expect to only find Soviet junk! There is a big selection of items from pre 1940’s, when we are looking at the antique side of things. If you are lucky, you may even find some great Art Nouveau items. Second hand shops tend to have more recent clothing but are great for very old books. Antique stores vary in their selection but you can find everything from old Soviet posters to paintings from th distant past. If you like ceramics, these stores can be a gold mine of kitchy pieces to fill your kitchens with back home!

This tour is great for any Second hand, Retro or Vintage lover. Clothes, music, money, military, interior, jewelry, books, etc, we have got the lot. If you want to get to know the city, this is a great option to jump right in. During all this searching, we might have time to drop into a retro bar for some light refreshments. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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