Riga Urban Photo Sessions

Become a model for a day!

A Riga Photo Session with a difference! The Riga Urban Photography Session is a great and unique way to experience and remember your time in Riga. Our experienced photographer will provide you with some unique shots of yourself enjoying day to day life in Riga. A great gift or simply a great activity to get involved in.

What is included

  • A friendly, professional photographer
  • A walk through different regions of Riga**
  • Post-tour processing of photos
  • Printing options available*

Sometimes you get tired of your own photographs. They are like the million others floating around, the only difference is that it’s actually your face on them. You have them. Everybody has them.

What we offer is a completely different approach. While traveling around Riga, our professional photographer offers to capture a completely different set of images of, yes, you! In a few hours we will play out different scenarios in various street spots in Riga and the result; perfectly natural street photography shots of you and your friends or something experimental. Smoking on the street corner. Getting a fresh apple in the market. A Close-up in the bus station. Getting into fight! Actually forget that last one….

You will be placed in actual, real life situations – situations you are in all the time – just now we’ll get some semi-candid images of you as well. Bring home something totally different from the usual instagram selfies. After the session you can proceed with your leisure and, within agreed time, freshly taken images will hit your e-mail (other delivery options available) and you will have something unique to show from your best trip to Riga yet.


*Printing options available for extra cost and preferably need to be agreed ahead

**If you want to mix this with one of our tours, let us know ahead

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