Daugavpils Sightseeing Tour

Visit the least Latvian city in Latvia and feel the strong influence of Slavic culture on our Daugavpils city tour. [slideshow auto=”undefined” thumbs=”undefined”]

Daugavpils is the second biggest city in Latvia with it’s 103 000 inhabitants, of which only 1/5 are ethnically Latvian. Situated in the south-east corner of Latvia, close to Russia, Belarus and Lithuania, Daugavpils has an eastern European character, in contrast to Riga’s western feel.

Included in the sightseeing tour of Daugavpils:

  • Transfer to and from Riga
  • Well informed entertaining guide
  • Full day tour

A Daugavpils Sightseeing tour with Eat Riga, to this most unusual of destinations, is sure to be an eye opener. With such a difference in culture, language and arhitecture, as well as being so close to the Russian border, you may feel that you have left Latvia altogether!

Daugavpils is situated on the Daugava river in the poorer, more rural Latgale region. This region was, for a long time, not part of the Latvian territory, and you can feel that in it’s strong Slavic, Catholic and post Jewish culture.

You will see a well preserved 19th century European fortress, Old castle ruins, the Church hill with the churches of the four major religions of the region, the biggest Orthodox cathedral in Latvia,┬áSoviet constructivism standing next to Russian imperial style architecture, more churches, plus we’ll include a visit to a soviet era cafeteria that probably hasn’t changed its menu for the last 40 years.

Ride a city tram, visit the former worker’s district and the old town with the widest pedestrian street in Latvia. Walk down roads with Jewish, Slavic, Latvian and European influenced buildings. Take a unforgettable trip to Daugavpils, and find out how diverse Latvia can be!
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