The Adventurer

Tired of Old Town and the Centre, why not head across the river Daugava to the sleepy Āgenskalns that more and more Latvians want to call their home, its green, way less traffic and people and it just has that special feel you cant really explain. Because of this are becoming hip two things are happening – house prices are going up, but on the positive side – more cool restaurants and bars are being open here too. Dēkainis is one of those places, that actually falls into several categories – tapas bar/rooftop hangout and a boutique hotel for travellers that stay at the most unique places.

The idea is to offer shelter for world explorers while honourably serving as the neighbourhood bar. The location – a beautiful wooden house, is easy to reach on foot from Old Town and is a great stop to rest your feet as you explore Pārdaugava district – an overlooked part of Riga by most tourists. Friendly staff and friendly prices only add to the appeal.


Address: Baložu Iela 12
Phone: +37125605616
Mon – Sun: 10:00-22:00


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