E.A.T. Riga Apprentice

Hello there folks!

Some of you who know me will be aware of the company myself and my 2 partners run:  http://www.eatriga.lv

E.A.T. Riga, stands for Experience Alternative Tours. We offer a new approach to sightseeing tours for the ever changing tourist.

Our speciality is to create alternative ways to explore the city of Riga and are looking always to find new ideas and new solutions for the growing tourist market in Riga.

The Offer

As an open company we have had many great experiences working along side other businesses/individuals but we now want to offer a young enthusiastic student or graduate in the field of geography, tourism, business, marketing, cultural, art or other relevant studies, to come and join our team.

The offer is completely open. We would like especially for someone to assist in the role of our development for the 2012 season. This can include.

  • Creation of new services/products/solutions
  • Field trips and research of new offers
  • Meeting with clients and potential partners
  • Creative brainstorming sessions
  • Development of marketing possibilities and realization
  • Any thing else you may wish to add yourself…

It may be possible to also support with your costs during the period of work experience / agree on some payments and ultimately we are looking for future employees in the field of development and management of general affairs.

We are also offering you the chance to create your own services through our existing business. If we see potential and a future in such services we can help to fund and develop these ideas further.

As I wrote before, we are very open to ideas so please just feel free to look through our web page, see what you think and email us through the contact section.


We do not want to receive CV’s, this is a big no no for us! What we want to see is your ideas, your character. Ideally we would like English, Latvian, Russian as a standard, but German or a Scandinavian languages would be of great benefit, even Mandarin speakers will really interest us!

The possibility to meet with us and discuss in person will take place, starting from 9th November.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to work within the tourism development field and expand their horizons.

Please feel free to get in touch or pass the offer on to some friend that may well have an interest. You can email james[at]eatriga.lv with your ideas.

Thanks in advance, The E.A.T. Riga Team