Elizabeth Street Riga

Elizabetes iela, Riga

Surrounding Riga’s Old Town is a famous street, Elizabeth Street. So why is it so well known and what does it have on offer for you? Take a long walk from one end to the other and you will find out.

Elizabeth Street (Elizabetes iela) has some of the cities major hotels situated along it such as the Hotel Latvia and the Tallink Hotel as well as many of the beautiful city parks and the Berga Bazar. It is also home to some of the more impressive examples of Art Nouveau architecture by the architect Mikhail Eizenstein, as well as many others works by famous local architects. It also has some rather important embassy buildings, Vincents, the world famous restaurant, The World Trade Center (The former Communist Party Headquarters) and a number of high end designer shops.

When looking at a map of Riga from above you will see the large green area of parks that surround the Old city. Elizabeth street lies above them, holding the parks together in a embrace. Crossing Elizabetes iela signals your exit from the Old City, beyond the Old Esplanade area you entrance into the City Centre, often called New Riga or The New Town. For this reason, Elizabeth Street has some kind of magical importance in Riga, symbolizing the divide between the 2 major areas of downtown Riga.

However long your stay in Riga the chances of you walking along this street are extremely high, so take the time to walk its length and if you have the time pop up the glass elevator in the Hotel Latvia! Well worth the effort for a great view of Riga.



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