The taste of modern latvian cuisine

Located just on the other side of the city canal, Forest is one of the newest additions to the ever growing scene of the contemporary Latvian cuisine – modern and gourmet, but rooted in the long culinary traditions of this country, a thing more and more visitors want to try besides just indulging in the rustic traditional food. Design is smart and cosy, with lots of light and feels quite natural, well after all it’s named after Latvia’s biggest treasure – it’s green gold – the forests. Plenty of space for bigger groups and during summer you can sit outside with a view of the National Opera.

As far as menu goes, you can go for things like crayfish salad, pike-perch or catfish fillet – the very popular fresh-water fish options. Lamb, chicken, duck or beef prepared in different ways and great selections of soups. During the day they offer business lunch – a great way to try some local food for very friendly prices. Food that leaves you satisfied, full, but not stuffed, you know – modern Latvian.


Address: Raiņa bulvāris 21
Phone: +371 27724437
Mon – Sat: 12:00-23:00
Sun: 14:00-23:00


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