To and From Riga Airport

Most of you will first reach Riga via the City Airport and here are some simple tips on how to reach the city center with ease.

It should be simple and cheap to reach your destination from Riga Airport but this is not always the case. Some people have been overcharged and sent to the wrong hotel by a Riga Taxi, so here’s how to avoid this.

Make sure you have the correct address of your hotel and ask them if they offer transfer. If the fee is more than 10 Lvl – Then it is too high! You can use pre paid Taxi’s supplied by Baltic Taxi for around 9Lvl. This allows you any journey from Riga Airport to the City Center. Tickets for this can be bought in the terminal and the Baltic Taxi’s are the green ones. easy to spot!

If you want to make your own way to your accomodation, you have 4 options at present.

  1. Contact us to book your transfers if you are a large group
  2. Bus 22, regular and cheap around 0.70 LVL (plus bag charge)
  3. MicroBus (White van, Prices vary)
  4. Baltic Airport Express Shuttle bus 3.00 LVL (Stops at major hotels)

Last time I have taken Taxi’s from Riga City Center to the Airport the prices have ranged between 5 – 7 LVL, dependent on the traffic. It helps to be a local in these situations but in general I can say, use a fixed rate Baltic Taxi. It is your best bet as they pride themselves on clean, modern vehicles and high service.

The simple fact is plan ahead. Have your address ready, think about what time of day you are arriving and how many of you are there. If you are a large group a pre paid bus is a much more cost effective way to reach Riga from the airport. Happy Travels!