Latvian Food & Cuisine

Latvian Food and Cuisine is waiting for you to try when you arrive here in Latvia.

What is Latvian food? This is a question that is asked a lot by visitors and in honesty it is one of our favourite questions to answer, as we are big food fans ourselves.

Latvian food is often considered simple and heavy with Soviet traits but there is a wide range of diverse ingredients and Latvian cuisine is moving into the 21st Century with some contempory twists. Here is a list of some of those ingredients that make up this diverse food culture.

Latvian Meat

Pork is by far the most common meat used in Latvian cuisine but you will also find some wild meats such as Deer, Bison, Rabbit, Moose and Wild Boar. Chicken, Beef and Lamb are used in dishes but nowhere near as much as Pork. A typical dinner time dish could include a joint of Pork, boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables or a cold salad and nice glass of homemade wild berry juice.


Latvian Fish

Herring, pickled and served cold, is often eaten, especially around lunch time. Smoked fish is a real speciality in the Baltic region but Latvia and especially the coastal regions have some of the finest choices of smoked fish. In Riga, your best bet is to go to the Central Market to discover the wide range of fish products on offer. Look our for Nēģis.


Latvian Milk Produce

Great butter, fresh cheese, fine milk, cottage cheese, sweet cheese delights! Latvia is by far one of the best producers of milk produce in the world. You must try as much as you can here, especially in the cakes and sweets… hmm I am off to eat some sweet curd!


Latvian Bread

Latvian black bread is one part of the local diet that you just will not be able to avoid whilst you stay here in Latvia. A heavy, hardy bread that is full of flavour and can sometimes be sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet and sour, is great on its own, with butter, or as a sandwich. Do not eat too much though, it will fill you up!