Lido Latvian Restaurants

Latvian Cuisine &Traditional Food

A local institution serving traditional Latvian food, the Lido chain of restaurants has been around for years and is still expanding.

Although locals will tell you that it used to be much cheaper (everything inflates!), they are still going in hordes every lunchtime or on the weekend to fill up on rasols, kartupeļu pankūkas and kvass. With a huge selection of local dishes, salads, sauces, desserts and loads of potatoes, you can mix and match as you like, pile up your tray and head to the checkout before enjoying a hearty Latvian lunch. The décor is a little kitsch and the happy folk music can drive you a little mad, but for variety and price, Lido is hard to beat.

We recommend skipping the Old Town branch, and instead heading into the Central District to either the Vērmanītis or Dzirnavas restaurants. The selection here is much better and there is a higher chance of finding a table. Who’s wanting the full Lido experience should head to the Lido Recreation Centre in the Moscow District (take Tram #7 from the National Opera to the stop “Lido Rekreācijas Centrs”). This huge wooden building has both fine-dining and buffet restaurants and a pub with Lido’s own beer as well as live music, rides for the kids and ice-skating in winter.


Recreation Centre – Krasta ielā 76
Dzinavas – Dzirnavu ielā 74/76
Vermanitis – Elizabetes ielā 65

Phone: +371 6 7504 420


Open every day, times vary at each location


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