Medieval Experience

Try out what it takes to be Knight or Peasant in day to day life of Livonia![slideshow]

Many centuries ago the land witch consist of modern Latvia and Estonia and some parts of Lithuania were called Livonia. To better understand the daily life during the Medieval times we can organize your group an active and exciting medieval living history experience.

You will learn how to use medieval weapons like spears, throwing axes, swords and bows. Also you will get an insight into medieval culinary Рmaking traditional oxtail soup and drinking teas produced from countryside herbs. And most important  Рhow to get fire without matches or lighters, just using flint and stone. In the evening you will be able to test you skills shooting fire arrows.

These activities can be great for all ages. Some of the events can be organized at your location. Just get in touch with us and we will get back to you with an offer.

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